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The ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries publishes original research on ICT technical developments and their policy and regulatory, economic, social and legal dimensions. It builds bridges between disciplines, connects theory with application, and stimulates international dialogue. This interdisciplinary approach reflects ITU’s comprehensive field of interest and explores the convergence of ICT with other disciplines. It also features review articles, best practice implementation tutorials and case studies. The ITU Journal welcomes submissions at any time, on any topic within its scope.


Arena-style Immersive Live Experience (ILE) Services and Systems: Highly Realistic Sensations for Everyone in the World

Abstract – Immersive Live Experiences (ILEs) enable audiences at remote sites to feel real-time highly realistic sensations, as if they are at the event site. This article provides a key feature of an implementation of ILE services, called Kirari! for Arena, as a use case of arena-style ILE, and its technical elements developed by NTT Labs. The major functionalities are object extraction from an arbitrary background, object tracking with depth sensors, low-latency synchronized data transport and four-sided pseudo-3D image presentation with depth expression. It also provides evaluations on the experience of Kirari! for Arena audiences, as well as its conformance to International Telecommunication Union, Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) standards for ILE.


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