2004 African Telecommunication Indicators 2004

image of African Telecommunication Indicators 2004

Prepared for ITU TELECOM AFRICA 2004, this report is an indispensable reference book of telecommunication facts and figures for the region. The publication provides a brief overview of market trends. The report includes some 20 regional tables covering key telecommunication indicators, 55 individual country pages with a five-year profile from 1998-2002, and a directory with names of telecommunication ministries, regulators and operators in the region.



Wireless Internet

Given the dramatic way in which wireless communications have overtaken fixed-line communications in terms of the primary way in which Africans make and receive telephone calls, what are the implications for Internet penetration rates? How far can wireless platforms help provide more Africans with access to the Internet? At the end of 2003, there were around 14 million Internet users in Africa, up from just 4.5 million in 2000. Although this level of growth is less than that achieved by mobile communications, it is nevertheless clear that the number of Internet users in Africa is growing at as fast a rate as any world region.


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