Access to Cloud Computing

Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Countries. Final Report [Question 3/1]

image of Access to Cloud Computing

This report presents an introduction to Cloud computing, with internationally adopted definitions, and some additional clarifications from real life experience. It provides an explanation of the driving forces behind Cloud computing as well as some data with regards to the state of the business, and sets forward the opportunities and challenges for Cloud adoption. The report goes into detail on the four core challenges that need to be addressed to lead to Cloud adoption: Innovation, Infrastructure, Skills and Awareness, and Trust. It also includs insights from countries that have adopted Cloud and provides guidance on Cloud computing policy making.



Lessons learned

Cloud Computing is gaining maturity, acceptance and deployments across the world, but different nations are at different stages of adopting Cloud technologies and have taken different paths to enabling those technologies in various forms. Besides commercial organizations, many governments around the world are enjoying the benefits of Cloud Computing, but their different experiences and different results in this domain offer several lessons for others about the relative merits of a range of regulatory approaches. A survey was conducted ITU-T Study Group 13 on cloud computing scenarios in developing countries.


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