Access to Cloud Computing

Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Countries. Final Report [Question 3/1]

image of Access to Cloud Computing

This report presents an introduction to Cloud computing, with internationally adopted definitions, and some additional clarifications from real life experience. It provides an explanation of the driving forces behind Cloud computing as well as some data with regards to the state of the business, and sets forward the opportunities and challenges for Cloud adoption. The report goes into detail on the four core challenges that need to be addressed to lead to Cloud adoption: Innovation, Infrastructure, Skills and Awareness, and Trust. It also includs insights from countries that have adopted Cloud and provides guidance on Cloud computing policy making.



The way forward

Cloud Computing is at the heart of the technology enablers of the 4th industrial revolution that our era is going through. Cloud Computing has reached a maturity, acceptance, and consumption level that should create a favourable environment for any government to adopt pro Cloud policies. Realizing the power and potential while addressing the challenges of Cloud Computing is the question that this report is trying to address. We defined a framework that considers four important challenges to be addressed that will help develop the Cloud in any specific country: Skills, Innovation, Infrastructure, and Trust. It is believed that these are the founding pillars to leverage the Cloud opportunity and address the core challenges posed by the Cloud.


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