A 2010 Leadership Imperative

The Future Built on Broadband

image of A 2010 Leadership Imperative

Presented to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, during the UN MDG Summit in New York in September 2010, including a Declaration, Plan of Action and recommendations. This Report refers to broadband as a cluster of concepts, including always-on: the Internet service is subject to real-time instantaneous updates, without users re-initiating connection to the server (as is the case with some dial-up Internet connections); high-capacity: the connection should be low latency and high-capacity in its ability to respond rapidly and convey a large quantity of bits (information) arriving per second (rather than the speed at which those bits travel) - as a result, broadband enables the combined provision of voice, data and video at the same time. Against this background, the Broadband Commission for Digital Development proposes that all relevant stakeholders engage in creating a strategic framework for building a Broadband Development Dynamic, specifically targeted at the accelerated achievement of the MDGs, Knowledge Societies and beyond through the inter-dependent forces of Policy, Infrastructure, Technology, Innovation, Content and Applications, People and Government.




The Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs would like to thank the Secretaries of the Commission – namely, Indrajit Banerjee, Doreen Bogdan-Martin and Denis Gilhooly – and the core team of Patricia Benoit-Guyot, Phillippa Biggs, Janet Burgess, Jose Maria Diaz Batanero, Vanessa Gray, Toby Johnson, Piers Letcher, Youlia Lozanova, Sarah Parkes, Béatrice Pluchon, Jaroslaw Ponder, Ana-Dory Rodriguez, Susan Schorr, Robert Shaw and Susan Teltscher, as well as Paul Budde, for their unfailing efforts in the preparation of this Report..


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